Two hot dogs
Two hot dogs
All American Hot Dog and Sandwiches
All American Hot Dog and Sandwiches

Did U say HotDogs!! Or Maybe u see those other guys selling Steak Pitas(steak n sack). We are the #1 Hotdog and Pita Place in Florida.


If you're hungry, come on down to The All American Hot Dog & Sandwiches located in Jacksonville, FL! We've been around several decades and know exactly how to make your mouth water. We're well known throughout the Jacksonville area and for a great reason! Despite our name, our fast food restaurant sells more than gourmet hot dogs with savory toppings like coleslaw, chili and onions. You can also help yourself and choose from yummy menu options, including customized and savory Pita Sandwiches. As well as Our famous Steak in a Sack, Camel Rider, and Giant Burgers. Our restaurant is the birthplace of our famous Steak in a Sack. Enjoy Premium top choice sirloin steak, sliced thin and topped with grilled onions in a fresh made Pita.  Give your taste buds a treat with these delicious special menu item. 

Hot Dogs, Subs, Pitas and more: Eat Delicious, Eat Fresh, Eat All American

Breakfast?  Breakfast in a Sack, to Our Country Breakfast Platters. We have a Delicious Breakfast Menu that you will Love!!!!!


Eat in, order take out or go through our Drive Thru at All American Hot Dog & Sandwiches. Our cozy restaurant seats 40 and is ready for you to enjoy your meal.


Want to give someone the gift of The All American Hot Dog & Sandwiches? We carry gift certificates! Give someone special in your life an All-American gift with All American Hot Dog & Sandwiches.Gift Certificates never expire and have no service fee.


Want to learn more about our menu options? Give All American Hot Dog & Sandwiches a call today.   

Eat In, Order Take Out or Go Through Our Drive Thru in Jacksonville

All American Hot Dogs & Sandwiches carries delicious hot dogs, burgers, pita sandwiches and more. Call us today!
10365 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246
United States


All American Hot Dog  & Sandwiches 

10365 Beach Boulevard 

Jacksonville, FL 32246


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